And Why You Need One

What is an energy blockage and do you have one?



So how do Energy Clearing Breakthroughs happen?

Imagine your Fairy God Mother, disguised as a Maid, cleaning out the closets of your ancestral lineage, your past lives, and stuff your culture says you “should” be.

She then whisks her magic wand and becomes a plumber breaking up these energetic clogs in your pipes.

Then, with a twirl of her big skirt, she transforms into an Electrician, rewiring your inner template for success in achieving your desires. Finally, she twinkles her nose to become your Personal Shopper, adding all kinds of energetic goodies, new beliefs, and positive vibrations into your Cosmic Shopping Cart!

I’m A Spiritual Clairvoyant & Guide

This means, I can see stuff that your very own High Self or God wants me to see, to help you in your path. This could be stuff from past lives, your family history, or ancient ancestors, that is still affecting you today.

Because of my *intent* to be of service in a way that actually helps, and my *compassion* for the suffering people are experiencing, I have cultivated a great *comprehension* of the Laws of Life and historical impacts. I am able to see, feel, hear, and know information for you about what needs to be cleared up for you to have a breakthrough in life. I literally “feel” what you are feeling, which helps me determine the root core patterns embedded in your subconscious. Once we know what these are, we can clear them.

There are many universal issues and blockages pretty much everyone is dealing with, and then there are those specific nuances of patterns related just to you. This is why both group clearing and private sessions are a powerful combination to get the job done, and fast. We want you activated to your highest destiny path so you can show up and shine your brilliance on the planet with the most fun ever!

In my four step signature Breakthrough To Magnificence Process, we:

  1. Attune to the original spark of light that is your true nature,
  2. Align with your life’s purpose and/or best next steps,
  3. Dissolve the blockages to their fulfillment, and
  4. Design a bright and shiny new way into the fulfillment of your life’s vision and purpose.

We get to pull many tools out of the tool box for you. When we tune in together, my spiritual senses help me to “know” what tools to use to assist you perfectly.

These exciting times we live in are filled with mystery and intrigue, as well as challenge and potential. We want to know more of who we really are, and transcend old outworn ways of being.

What if we could step into our magnificence, leaving arrogance, shame, blame, and guilt behind once and for all? The books, courses, sessions, and events I’ve created all work together to deliver a message with a big, beautiful purpose:

  • The Message? YOU are a magnificent being of pure love and pure light. You are more than you realize.Your desire to fulfill your destiny is indeed DIVINE. This desire is like the nectar of the gods.
  • The Purpose? Get you ALIGNED with this Truth, so you can steer the ship of your life deliberately, feeling supported by Life and The Universe. You are the captain of your ship. Sometimes, we just need someone to swab the decks and bail out the boat.

I invite you to join me in this work. Grab a session at the buttons above. Let’s get this party started.

Much love,



Entrepreneur’s Breakthrough

Pick this to upgrade your business, clarify your vision, & attract more prosperity.

Life Purpose & Passion Breakthrough

Pick this to clear obstacles, design your life, and discover your life’s purpose.

Relationship Breakthrough

Pick this to overcome relationship struggles & get clear on your priorities.


TRISTAN MONTOYACertified Integrative Coach, Master EFT Practitioner
“A SESSION WITH CHIREYA is what I call a “cosmic clearing.” Chireya will assist you in releasing old programs and karmic cords that bind you to the past and to people or energies that are unconsciously draining your precious life force. Chireya is a channel for higher consciousness, receiving transmissions that aid in the healing and awakening of all those she works with.Her approach results in feeling spiritually and energetically liberated. I felt such a profound release it took a few days to integrate the energetic upgrade I received and the insight that ensued. Chireya’s guidance in spiritual growth and personal transformation will allow anyone with the willingness to explore their divine life path and align to their truth in this lifetime. If you feel inspired to walk your true path, allow Chireya’s expertise to move you into your own knowing and experience lasting fulfillment.”
“WORKING WITH CHIREYA helped me create new energetics with my family and friends, and be able to focus clearly on where I’m going in the next steps in life.”
“CHIREYA ARIGURU DEVI is an ancient evolved Soul who cares for humanity. Her inspired work as a leader of the community, a visionary, a guide and her other roles, make her life a teaching through example. Her Book Unlocked Unleashed: The God Within You holds a potent message with relevant and timely teaching and guidance for humanity. I feel heart wisdom in these words as profound as ancient wisdom, and presented in a way that this wisdom can be used for effective transformation.”
PETRA SCHULERWorld Traveler & Spiritual Wisdom Keeper
“CHIREYA’S WORK has been a great blessing to me in the times, when I really needed to dig deep and get to the bottom of things. Chireya assisted me with her laser sharp focus to pinpoint the underlying issues, how to clear them fast and also gave me the tools to continue on my own. She is also very knowledgable on twinflame and soulmate relationships, and offered advise on how to work thru some patterns in relationships, by owning all of our own stuff. She is so connected to the field and channels with great ease and fun some of the deeper mysteries of ones origins and purpose in the world. I would recommend Chireya to visionaries of the world who are ready to truly align with their mission on the planet and ready to step up to their full potential.”