AR7-catching the thought

Poised at the Edge of the Possible…Hmmm

Poised at the edge of the possible… Hmmm… what shall you create? Where are your current now moment thoughts leading you now? Where are your current now moment feelings leading you, in this moment? Does[…]


Messages From The Bath

What environment makes it EASY for you to tune in, tap in and turn on? Which special place really flips your switch to the “on” position? What times of day, places, or states of mind[…]


Divine Order Prevails!

One of my favorite sayings from the great Reality Creation Teacher Catherine Ponder is, “Divine Order Prevails In Me and In My World!” When we call upon Divine Order, we unleash the power of love[…]


Stepping Into Your Alignment

Each of us has a unique purpose in this lifetime which reflects to our original essence as a Spiritual Being. As “soul” we’ve had many incarnations, through which we built layers of experience, dharma, karma,[…]


Awareness Rules: Be A Conscious Manifestor

The energy with which and through which you create something new in your life, is the energy which will reside within the manifestation. No matter what the object of your creational intention is, the same[…]


You Are the Light of the Divine

As this Light, you are also Love. Your true identity is far beyond the human veil, yet your beautiful human nature and being is informed and sustained by this Light and this Love that you[…]


Waiting for Love?

There’s a very subtle energetic program many human beings are running. It’s an underlying feeling of “waiting for redemption,” as if some one, some thing, some God or some experience will ….one day… usher in[…]


Practice Makes Purrfect, Creators!

All is well, all is well, all is well. Once we comprehend the base fundamentals of the Platform of Reality, we will get that “out of balance” is not possible by laws of physics. Everything[…]


A Glimpse of Truth: Overcoming Compounded Momentum

There is no substitute for the depths of eternal love.  Though we may try, though we have masqueraded to hide the feeling of loss, this eternal love birthing from Source is the Only Drink to[…]