On Your Game?

WHO are you being in this moment? Who is the man or woman behind the curtain? What is the unique JOY beam that YOU ride, when you are “on your game?” Do you realize it helps people, just by YOU being YOU? Can you really feel and accept this??? It’s amazing, powerful, beautiful, courageous and AWESOME of you to BE YOU. In this world. Wherever you’re hiding in there, come on out! The Water’s Fine, and so are YOU.

Love! Chireya Fox

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Poised at the Edge of the Possible…Hmmm

Poised at the edge of the possible… Hmmm… what shall you create? Where are your current now moment thoughts leading you now? Where are your current now moment feelings leading you, in this moment? Does it feel good? Is it what you want? Is there any slight “1 degree” adjustment you wish to make to your vibrational trajectory? What shall you create? Hmmm…

Love! Chireya Fox

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Messages From The Bath

What environment makes it EASY for you to tune in, tap in and turn on? Which special place really flips your switch to the “on” position? What times of day, places, or states of mind do you find yourself in when you are lucidly CLEAR, joyfully ALIGNED, and perfectly FLOWY? How often during your day, do you allow yourself to go there? Is there a way you could create space in your day, to allow yourself into this space of conscious alignment, more frequently? Benefits? Greater clarity in life, more expansive perspective on where you’ve been and where you’re going, and a more complete sense of total well being.

Love! Chireya Fox

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Divine Order Prevails!

One of my favorite sayings from the great Reality Creation Teacher Catherine Ponder is, “Divine Order Prevails In Me and In My World!”

When we call upon Divine Order, we unleash the power of love and light within us to do its mighty work on our behalf, rearrange people, places, circumstances and things into the Highest Alignment and Attunement with great benefit for all!

We can call upon Divine Order daily and moment to moment, especially in sticky wickets and undesired circumstances.

When called upon with diligence, awareness and a true sense of knowing, Divine Order will indeed begin to take hold and prevail in us and in our lives.

Love! Chireya Fox

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Stepping Into Your Alignment

Each of us has a unique purpose in this lifetime which reflects to our original essence as a Spiritual Being. As “soul” we’ve had many incarnations, through which we built layers of experience, dharma, karma, trauma, skill, preference and so forth.

As we calibrate to our most aligned expression in this particular lifetime, there are levels and layers to shed, so we become clear channels of the vibrations which will ultimately be most satisfying to our spiritual nature.

Questions to ponder: Are you living your true divine purpose? Does it feel possible to do this while making a living? How committed are you to full alignment on all levels? Does it feel risky to step into your full alignment? What would you have to give up? How willing are you to experience change right now, in order to live your life totally on purpose?

Love! Chireya Fox

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Awareness Rules: Be A Conscious Manifestor

The energy with which and through which you create something new in your life, is the energy which will reside within the manifestation.

No matter what the object of your creational intention is, the same manifestors’ rule of thumb applies.

Be sure to get clear on what you desire, from a place of Joy, Peace and Harmony. In that way, your results will also be imprinted with these high vibrations. ‪

Love! Chireya Fox

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You Are the Light of the Divine

As this Light, you are also Love. Your true identity is far beyond the human veil, yet your beautiful human nature and being is informed and sustained by this Light and this Love that you Are.

The Mystery of the Singularity within you, contains the Truth of our Oneness with All That Is. There is but One Light, there is but One Love, informing, animating and expressing as “every thing.”

And so if this is true, it must also be true that This Light Is You.

Seek within to activate awareness of this Mystery within you. And all is well.

Love! Chireya Fox

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Waiting for Love?

There’s a very subtle energetic program many human beings are running. It’s an underlying feeling of “waiting for redemption,” as if some one, some thing, some God or some experience will ….one day… usher in the proof of our loveability so that we can *finally* allow us to love ourselves 100%. Let’s go ahead and bring in a new comprehension, in all levels of the conscious and subconscious, in which we KNOW now, we are already 100% worthy of all love, all good things, all joy, all freedom, all creative prowess, all ability to contribute and be heard, all positivity in loving relationships, all prosperity and abundance, all harmony, and all reflection of our purity and innate goodness from those around us. In this culture, we are typically trained to look outside of ourselves for approval. And while many of us have shed deep layers of this conditioning, there still may be remnants of “waiting for that approval from a mysterious unfathomable source…” and the waiting itself, feels uncomfortable but it’s as though we are addicted to it. Ready to shed this layer? All we need to do is intend it to be so, and it will begin to clear out of our minds, bodies, souls, spirits, chakras, nadis, organs, tissues, glands, sinew, bones, bodily fluids, molecules, cells, etcetera.

And so it is!
Love! Chireya Fox
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Practice Makes Purrfect, Creators!

All is well, all is well, all is well. Once we comprehend the base fundamentals of the Platform of Reality, we will get that “out of balance” is not possible by laws of physics. Everything is balanced, all the time, no matter what. It’s just that we don’t comprehend fully yet “how stuff got the way it is.” Once this comprehension kicks in, we see that all is in order, all is as we have “ordered” it to be. We’ll realize, the problem is not the way things are, it’s that we made them that way innocently yet ignorantly and then blamed it on “a world gone mad.” Compassion is in order as we calibrate to the higher truth of the Laws of the Universe. If we are At One with Creator, then we must be At Cause in our lives. If we are At Cause in our lives, then we are the ONES who can course-correct. If we are the ONES that can course correct, then we have our power back. If we have our power back, then we can “learn – remember – choose” to create our lives as we choose. Practice makes purrrfect!

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Love!! Chireya

A Glimpse of Truth: Overcoming Compounded Momentum

There is no substitute for the depths of eternal love.  Though we may try, though we have masqueraded to hide the feeling of loss, this eternal love birthing from Source is the Only Drink to quench the endless thirst.

When glimpses of it show up in the 3d reality be happy. Go deeper. Dive in. Feel it all, and know you are on your way home.

For truly the “kingdom-queendom of heaven is within you.” All the ancients and masters have always said, sit still and know that ye are gods. This is not an anecdote, it’s an instruction. To master the wisdom of mentors, we not only listen and remember, we DO what they say. What does it feel like, look like, to DO “going within to seek the Kingdom-Queendom of Heaven?”

You are hard wired to “remember” how to do this. It is your nature. The extra clothing and layers of compounded momentum can sometimes hinder our ability to slow down enough, to become still enough to realize the truth within.

Opportunity knocks! When “compounded momentum” gets out of control, spiraling energies can lead to depression and a feeling of failure or not wanting to be here. As we become Masters of the Law and truly comprehend compounded momentum so we can leverage it, we can truly “enjoy the ride.” heart emoticon The new book Love’s Whisperings: Authentic Spiritual Development helps us understand compounded momentum and also has practical tools for overcoming the overlays of consciousness caused by it. #loveswhisperings #chireya #compoundedmomentum #thetruthofyou #lifearchitecture