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Self Love and Spiritual Power: Creating Miracles In A Time of Change Free Online Master Class

Self Love and Spiritual Power: Creating Miracles In A Time of Change Free Online Master Class is a lively exploration into the universal spiritual potential of humanity, that I offered during the book launch for Fall In Love with the Beloved Within: Source Speaks, in partnership with Portal To Ascension. Enlightenment, Self Realization, Awakening & Ascension are looked at from a practical vantage point to help us get our bearings on how we can aspire and create a direct spiritual connection to our Source. To assist you in accessing higher levels of consciousness, making peace with the past, designing your life according to your spiritual blueprint, and co-creating the new realities that are desirable for your life, your family, and


What Is Oneness?

As we raise our consciousness, we necessarily confront the final seeming barriers to remembrance of oneness. Oneness does not mean a lack of individuation. It simply means there is room for us all, as we weave and play in the waters of truth. room for us all to thrive, room for us all to love…plenty of room for appreciation to shine on us, and out to the “others” from us. there is no lack in love. only eternal ever present givingness. the nightmare of separation melts back into the nothingness from which it came, as we reunify ourselves, now through a new lens, a focus of serendipitously seeing love in all eyes.  Light the fire of remembrance within. When encountering


What Is A Transmission?

A Transmission as we speak about it here is a message streaming from Higher Consciousness, what we call Source Consciousness or God Consciousness. The transmission is like an interface with “Reality” for moments when people in a culture are not quite bridged into their own full Source Connection and Awareness on a daily basis, and have “called out” energetically to be able to “rise higher” in our awareness. During times like these, certain beings volunteer to “be the interface,” and bring in messages that are coded with light and love enhanced energetics, coupled with words of your language, to assist in the Shift back to a regular remembrance of your Oneness with All That Is. Chireya is one such messenger,


How Do We Create?

You are an interface with the Cosmic Reality. The precision with which you interact with all levels of life is more profound than you can imagine at the moment. This interface exists through what you call your awareness. This awareness is vast, and is as much about what you feel as it is about what you see or sense. What you are aware of is multi-dimensional and holographic. Wherever you place your attention, new light, energy, and information will come to that place. The energy of your consciousness begins to work things out in that area of awareness, if you simply allow it to do so. When we are experiencing what we call contraction, which is basically trying to fix