A Breathrough To Magnificence Takes Wisdom and Courage


These exciting times we live in are filled with mystery and intrigue, as well as challenge and potential. We want to know more of who we really are, and transcend old outworn ways of being. What if we could step into our magnificence, leaving arrogance, shame, blame, and guilt behind once and for all? The books I’ve written, the courses and workshops I teach, and the coaching I offer all work towards the full expression of one message, for one purpose:

The Message? YOU are a magnificent being of pure love and pure light. You are more than you realize, and the desires of your heart to fulfill its destiny are pure nectar.

The Purpose? Get you ALIGNED with this truth, so you can steer the ship of your life, show up in your most powerful ways, contribute the gifts you came here to give, and HAVE MORE FUN than humans have formerly been allowed to have!

Enjoy this website, it’s for you. More is coming soon to flesh out the offerings here, and really get this party started!

Much love,


Awareness Training for Spiritual Awakening & Comprehension

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Hi! My name is Chireya Fox, and I’m a “translator” for Divine Love Wisdom. I call myself an Orator and Scribe for the Lineages of Light, which means, I allow Source and Pure Divine Light and Love to “speak through me” on our behalf. What has been coming through for the last couple of decades is an entire Body of Work – a Curriculum that has been birthed here. This

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On Your Game?

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WHO are you being in this moment? Who is the man or woman behind the curtain? What is the unique JOY beam that YOU ride, when you are "on your game?" Do you realize it helps people, just by YOU being YOU? Can you really feel and accept this??? It's amazing, powerful, beautiful, courageous and AWESOME of you to BE YOU. In this world. Wherever you're hiding in there, come

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Poised at the Edge of the Possible

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Poised at the edge of the possible... Hmmm... what shall you create? Where are your current now moment thoughts leading you now? Where are your current now moment feelings leading you, in this moment? Does it feel good? Is it what you want? Is there any slight "1 degree" adjustment you wish to make to your vibrational trajectory? What shall you create? Hmmm... Love! Chireya Fox ‪#‎lighttransmissions‬ ‪#‎chireya‬ ‪#‎lifearchitecture‬ http://chireya.com

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Messages From The Bath

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What environment makes it EASY for you to tune in, tap in and turn on? Which special place really flips your switch to the "on" position? What times of day, places, or states of mind do you find yourself in when you are lucidly CLEAR, joyfully ALIGNED, and perfectly FLOWY? How often during your day, do you allow yourself to go there? Is there a way you could create space

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Divine Order Prevails!

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One of my favorite sayings from the great Reality Creation Teacher Catherine Ponder is, "Divine Order Prevails In Me and In My World!" When we call upon Divine Order, we unleash the power of love and light within us to do its mighty work on our behalf, rearrange people, places, circumstances and things into the Highest Alignment and Attunement with great benefit for all! We can call upon Divine Order

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Stepping Into Your Alignment

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Each of us has a unique purpose in this lifetime which reflects to our original essence as a Spiritual Being. As "soul" we've had many incarnations, through which we built layers of experience, dharma, karma, trauma, skill, preference and so forth. As we calibrate to our most aligned expression in this particular lifetime, there are levels and layers to shed, so we become clear channels of the vibrations which will

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